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A twittersome bunch

Glasgow NHS Stop Smoking ad

Look similar?

Twitter – the original Bird in Blue

And, the NHS60 has brand guidelines. How quaint. Well, I suppose as long as no one copies /them/. And there are subtle differences, so I guess it’s okay (read as: dripping with sarcasm – and if you didn’t catch that, then you might miss read a lot of my posts!)

Being this designer, to me, would be slightly embarrassing. I dunno. I know twitter isn’t huge amongst the non-computer obsessed, but still, those are the ones who judge designers most often. I would think a designer should know better.

I’m always waiting for someone to show me, when something is done so similar to something else, that it’s in cahoots, in a good way, and I just missed it.

Maybe the stop-smoking ad is sponsored by Twitter!


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