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I’ve been disappointed of late by human kind. Yes, even more so than my normal misanthropic confusion with the way people behave themselves.

Without going into too much detail about circumstances and events, I’ve just been shocked to see how people, that I looked up to in a sense, behave in a way that I never would. Now, don’t get me wrong. I often behave in ways I wish I wouldn’t – and they usually involve alcohol, but I am talking about a different set of behaviours; such as listening when someone is speaking. You remember the rules, the ones that were just normal before all the political correct hoopla, when it was just being polite.

I don’t care how successful you are, who you work for, how old you are or even if you absolutely despise someone. Be polite. It just amazes me when I see people older than myself behave worse than the teenagers on the streets, then complain about the latter. Take a look in the mirror mate.

What added to my feelings of distaste this weekend was when I wandered onto one of my favourite blogs, Scamp, a CD from BBH, London. I thoroughly enjoy reading his posts and many of his “guest writers” for his ‘Tuesday Tips’ series; however, the comments are getting extremely out of hand.

All of these ‘anonymous’ commenters, who, according to a poll, mostly claim to be creatives and many refer to themselves at being ‘big’ in the industry. Since when did all of that a.) give you the right to be a cunt and b.) not give you the guts to at least put your name by your ignorance/opinion.Maybe they had to sell their soles to get to where they are today.

All & all what it has really made me think about is this: is this the type of person I am trying so hard to become?

I will continue to read Scamp’s posts daily, as I find them intriguing and inspiring, but as far as the comments go, I’ll leave those for Anon xⁿ.


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