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Mark Davies and Phil Evans, both from The Leith Agency & myself @ The Roses Ad Awards

Yesterday was very refreshing. I had the opportunity to work from home – and by this I mean my own city. I saw the wee Scotsman I wrote about not so long ago, who always puts a smile on my face. I met Adrian & Tamsin at Mightysmall, who are as great as their reputations preceding them. They might not have realized it, but I really needed that meeting. It helped get my think tank going again and it was great to be around such passion and creative thinkers.

This is also why I love the coffee mornings Mike Coulter hosts at Centotre, Friday mornings at 8a.m. (till whenever you have to leave) – they always have an unobtrusive way of getting your mind rolling and leave wanting to take on the world, creatively for me, all at once.

I have been very busy with my new job, attending industry events, such as the Roses Ad Awards and the launch for Leith’s new Irn Bru Ad.

I go to Texas in two days to visit friends and family, this I am very excited about. One aspect of moving to a different country people don’t seem to take into consideration is you leave your support system behind. It’s reassuring to be around it once a year. Reminds me I’m not as odd as I think I am.

Whilst I’m there, I’m going to try and meet up with and agency or two in Austin, this was suggested to me yesterday and I thought it was a great idea. I am finding that it’s 50x easier to meet with people and discuss advertising and such when it isn’t under the pretense of a job. Funny that eh?


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