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The Scotsman

My best attempt at an interpretation w/o a camera…

Today I saw the cutest round man,
In his kilt drinking a cappuccino.
I’ve seen him before,
Around our wee section of town,
He wears it every day, me thinks. 
He puts it on every morning with pride,
And pulls his tartan wheeled carrier down the path.
If you were a tourist or didn’t care to see the life in his dear, kind eyes,
You would think he was having a laugh.I watch him leave,
Goodbye silent friend,
a tear rolls down my cheek.

I don’t mock or feel sorrow for the lad that is lost,
but for the sight that is so unique.

– Darcie Tanner Condie 08/04/08

I think that if you ever really wanted an insight into who I am. This would describe it perfectly.


A Texan Lassie. Digital Media Geek.

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