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PS3 vs the Wii & the new Wii Fit!

They did go there, didn’t they. That was/is almost painful to watch. However, it’s more entertaining than 3 minutes of people playing on the Wii Fit. Especially since I can’t have one for two more weeks.

However, the new Wii Fit looks pretty damn cool. I must say I was shocked to find that very few people here in the UK, that I have spoken with, remember the Power Pad that came with the original NES. It was super cool. You plugged it in to the player 2 slot and you got to play all sorts of track and field events by running (really, yes), jumping, etc. Of course you would get to a point where you would sit next to it and use your hands to get a better time or to jump farther.

So I wasn’t as shocked when Nintendo came out with the Wii, considering what they were already doing…gulp…17 years ago (please tell me I’m not old enough to say something like that!!!). On to the Wii Fit: It becomes a scale, measures BMI if you would like to begin a weight loss regimine, yoga, hula hooping, jogging (?!), dancing (like dance dance revolution – my friend Karen is going to go bonkers, never leave the house now.), play football, push ups, the lot. Maybe I’ll never have to leave the house… except I just got a job miles away – everything happens at once. Wii Fit vs Job…

We purchased Mario Kart (Wii) yesterday and I am just getting the hang of that whilst Jason is attempting world domination through it’s ability to play globally online.

Check out the links to see all the Wii Fit will be able to do and if you want to have a view check out the trailer below.


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