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Mental Detox Week

In my eyes this is something like a group weight loss program. If we do it together, we might succeed.

In a way, there is even a more deep idea there in terms with this electronic detox – if people you know do it as well, then they aren’t phoning, emailing, facebooking, twittering etceteraing you – and you don’t feel obliged to reply.

This being my first week at a new job, I do feel that I will be cutting down on my social media usage and due to commuting, my television watching – therefore, without meaning to be a part of it, I will be doing my bit of mental detoxing. However, at the same time – new job = mental overload.

There are week retreats you can go on that are tv/internet/phone/everything free. That’s what I need to completely turn off. Holiday’s don’t do it for me.

Hi, I’m Darcie and I am a tech addict.

Advice from the Mental Detox site:

3 ways to clear your mind

You wake up, put on the coffee, and get ready for work. Then, just as you’re reaching for the cell phone, you remember that today is the beginning of Mental Detox Week.

Today you’re not going to listen to your iPod. You aren’t going to stare at a computer screen any more than you absolutely have to. Today you won’t worry about unanswered email, and you’re not going to login to Facebook. You’ll cut the time you spend on digital devices right down to the bone.

In the evening maybe you will watch your favorite TV show for an hour, but after that you switch off, have a conversation, wash the dishes, read for a bit, and just relax. You do that for five days, and then on Friday night you make a decision to unplug completely for the whole weekend.

For a couple of days you might feel like an addict in withdrawal: peevish, agitated, and distracted. But then something will happen. Your over-stimulated brain will cleanse itself. You’ll relax. You’ll feel calmer, more grounded.

found via Iain Tait


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