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d is for dream

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Due to the course in which my life has run, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today about dreams and people who do whatever they can to follow theirs.

I am primarily talking about following dreams when it comes to careers and ultimately being happy. In my opinion, if you aren’t happy in your career, you probably won’t be happy in the long run.

Many of the greats had a really hard time before they ended up where they are/were when they left us. It really amazes me how they didn’t give up.

I wonder how many great people there are out there, who could be doing great things, given the opportunity, and how many of them are on the verge of just saying “fuck it”.

Maybe not even realising that it could be right there. The next step, the next door. Maybe they’ll never know, but it’s the gamble of success the next possible day versus years more of defeat.


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4 thoughts on “d is for dream

  1. I know exactly what you mean Darcie. But your post has inspired me to keep on knocking politely…

  2. I hawked my dog eared folio around for several years before finally landing a job as a copywriter. Here’s one of the things that kept me going:

    William Burroughs was 46 when the Naked Lunch was first published.

    Never stop chasing those dreams Darce.

    Best…Stan x

  3. You are never to old or young in fact to have dreams. I don’t think we are pushed enough at school to have a dream and to follow it. Especially not a creative one, i remember being told “you cant do Art,Chemistry and Physics” they clashed in the choose your subjects columns you see!!!

    In a bid to explain my ‘creativeness’ my reference from my high school to Art School read…’Karen is not an academic’ guess 5 highers and a 6 year study dont count for much!!

    My knuckles are red raw from knocking but in time they healed!!!

    You are an insightful little bugger and i’m happy i get to call you my friend xxx

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments and most importantly, support.

    What a grate space to have to come back to on days when the light doesn’t seem so near.

    I’ll make you all proud – just wait – then you can say you had a part in honing me!


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