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Amsterdam – goes clean in July?

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Back from the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Lovely, chill and modern. What more could you want, except maybe some sun, from a city.

A city that is known for it’s own rules, own laws, relaxed views and tourists who want to be a part of it – so what happens if you take that all away?

According to a local barman, who makes a lovely local brew – but more about that later, in July the smoking ban comes in. While many of us have already experienced the rise of the smoking ban, our cities don’t have legal pot smoking coffee shops.Where pot smoking is only allowed within their walls.

This smoking ban that will hit Holland, will include the coffee shops and they will no longer be allowed to let their patrons partake of the ganja within their premises, nor on patios or in external restricted smoking shelters, because pot smoking outside is already not allowed. A conundrum if I ever saw one. Maybe they will just be able to sell the stuff, then it can only be smoked w/in ones own home or will the marijuana smoking that Amsterdam has almost become synonymous with become banned altogether?

The Madame – @ Sex Museum

Let’s not forget about the Red Light District. Probably the most regulated form of prostitution in the world – and now that I have been, the girls are gorgeous and why was I the only one not behind a glass door…. Rumour has it that prostitution is going to be cut as well to aid in making Amsterdam a more serious city, like it’s brother Rotterdam. To be seen as equals and not always competing in sibling rivalry, with Amsterdam coming out as the black sheep.

No Photo’s in the RLD XXX 

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