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One good thing about music

when it hits you feel no pain…” – Bob Marley

Went into Fopp the other day for my first time (yeah, i know). Now, anyone who knows me is well aware of my obsession with music. However, I am a bit of a snob – a snob in the way that I am very picky on new/modern music and a big fan of 50’s-90’s, classic rock, punk, ska, oldies, etc.

I picked up a new cd, one I think is worth pulling out of the cupboards or picking up/downloading, whatever you do. This album was one of the first albums on on lp back then, that I had memorised as a child. Mind you, a 5yr old girl walking around singing “C’mon now Touch Me Babe..” probably wasn’t the best of things looking back…

Their greatest hits have been in my collection for ages and now I finally have the ultimate in my eyes. The Soft Parade. A man who I would love to meet in heaven and who’s grave I have visited in gay ‘ol Pari. Ladies and gents, The Doors.


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