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Holland Days, Sin City Nights

Off to Amsterdam on Monday. Am über excited. Our hotel (as seen above) has just finished being built and from the pictures, looks flash. I’ve been told from people who frequent the place that it is in a great location and from the maps it is right on the canal.

Each room is bespoke designed and they come in three different sizes. A large ‘cozy’ lounge near the reception area with chillen’ tunes, free wifi and mac computers, of course.

The Hotel V‘s are run by home grown Amsterdamers who embrace their city and especially the quirky, funky bits. It states that they’ll “… be more than happy to show you the trendy and unexpected side of our wonderful town”. What else could one ask for really?!

However, I can ask for more: Tips! Last minute, but, if I haven’t picked your brain already and you know some brilliant place I shouldn’t live without seeing, please, let me know.

Also, if anyone out there is in the NL area and wants to meet up for a chat, feel free to get in touch.

We are purchasing 72hr iamsterdam cards which encompass all public transport, free admission into museums, discounts and as they say “more!” Well I say, bring it on.

Prepared to be bombarded with photos on my return, but don’t fret, most will be saved for flickr.


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