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Clever Men

Only the second episode in for us UK residents for this Mad Men Show. I do feel that it will have to pick itself up to reach the Golden Globe status that it has gained stateside.

However (my word for the day) I love the way they have thrown in a few tricks – and managed from the few I’ve spoken with – in regards to the era of then and now and what we have come to learn about products, like plastic and aerosols.

For example, when the Draper’s wife is chatting with the neighbor and her children are playing ‘space man’ and ‘alien’, she yell’s at the daughter saying “that dry cleaning best not be on the floor”. Not once mentioning anything about the child running around with a plastic bag on her head, sucking it into her mouth. Then the bit where the ad guys light fire to the office with a can of Right Guard and an open flame.

Subtle, but genius.


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