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Can you see the problem here…

CNN actually has typo’s/inconsistencies like this quite a bit. Geez, it’s not like they’re updating the site every 20 seconds. They could at least get they’re headlines to match the stories (I jest).

Of late I have come to the conclusion that even though I am now literate in both American and “international”/UK English, I sniff out typo’s like it’s nobody’s bidness.

Must have gone into the wrong career path. Who would have guessed with all those spelling tests I never aged when I was younger. I just needed to live where they spoke the ‘other’ English.

I digress. Anyhow, I’ve even found a typo in one of the Harry Potter books and a Sony manual. Those editors should have a stern talking to. Side note: Never edit/proofread your own stuff. Just asking for trouble.


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