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Brief: Get men to buy pregnancy tests

When this ad first aired on television, I was all but shocked. I thought, surely this can’t be aimed at women? Make an already awkward situation even worse by turning into some kind of sci-fi thriller preview? As if being an alien incubator isn’t creepy enough or having to go buy one and take it to the counter, all the time praying you aren’t pregnant and that the gran behind the register doesn’t make eye contact. Thank god for those new do it yourself lanes.

This ad had to have been done by blokes. And please say for blokes. Then they actually go as far as to show someone “peeing” one it as well. Oh goodness me, I would say this is why we need women in advertising, but then I would hate to be in there and get every feminine product brief that came in.

After a few weeks or so, the ad changed. minimal style, sci-fi cinema, but no “sophisticated peeing” references. Wonder if it was just the normal series change or if anyone complained/got physically ill.

thanks Iain Tate for reminding me of this one and for your idea of how the modern pregnancy test should be.


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