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You aren't serious – you are serious…

So I have a pet peeve (hate) and combine that with an insult whilst your trying to sell me something and I’m just like “wha?!”
Some one calls me and usually it’s a no straight away, but this was something I was going to do anyway and thought I would give the woman on the other end the commission or whatever it is so we both win.One of the most painful converstaions I have endured in a long time.

Firstly, not everything is “obvious” so please do not use “obviously” as an adjective to replace “like” as the most frequently used word by females of a certain age and IQ.

Secondly, when I tell you my birthday, do not respond with “Oh, you’re only 5 years older than me! Don’t worry!”

WTF?! I wasn’t. I feel rather young and intelligent. Same goes for the fact that I rent and don’t yet own. Her reply “Me too! Don’t worry!” Again! I wasn’t!

Good god, she needs some coaching. Hopefully they will do as they say and take the recording and learn from it.

She also mentioned that she lives in the very south of England and the most North she’s been in the U.K. is London. Is it sad that I find that sad? if you read this: Don’t worry!


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