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Thing-A-Day 'To Do' List

Okay, so. I’m already behind. But here is my list of things I am going to create/work on creatively over the 29 days of February. I usually try to not use the word ‘thing’ when writing -I think some teacher taught me that once and it stuck- however in this situation it seems appropriate.

To Do:
Create a new ‘website’ using Extensis Portfolio
Learn Extensis Portfolio
Learn/become better at drawing w/drawing books I bought ages ago
Paint for fun
Ads for book*
Logo for M.R. as commissioned*
Edit book I’ve been writing for years
Tiny Journals
Take more photos
Write more of book
Put Ad/Design inspiration scrapbook together

These are in random order and the ones with the stars are more important and actually ‘due’ if you will, however I think some of the other ones are better for my wellbeing.

I better get on it!


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