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Too Cool

‘Cool Hunters’ are a new breed of trend watchers who travel the virtual world in a constant search for cutting edge designs. This phenomenon has spawned various websites showcasing their finds but now Cool Hunting brings them to your coffee table and bookshelf.

No-one paid to be in this book. The selection was made purely on the basis of ‘cool’ resulting in an irreverent, ironic and eclectic mix of products designed in every corner of the globe.

Each creation is presented with a web address so you can buy it for yourself. Better than that, a whole new world will open up when you use the web addresses to kick-start your own cool hunting.

This is a great ‘read’. They give you the websites for every product from across the globe so that if you find something you can’t live without, you can buy it. Oh and also check out their products.

As they say, no one pays to be in the book, they’ve all been searched out and deemed

They have a website too but it’s a bit more full on than the book – a bit too much going on in one space to fully enjoy as much, but still good for research and a browse.


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