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Decatpitation is the new Graffiti

flickr images by the decapitator

Known as “The East London Decapitator,” an unknown artist has been lurking through the streets of London and cutting off the heads of characters seen in mainstream advertisements. –

I only wish I had seen these when I was down sarf (south). How utterly disturbing yet cool are these! One would have to take a few looks to make sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you, then get up close and personal for the finer details. Not all of them are kiddie film posters. Some are models, electronics, music, etc.

The detail with the bone and the blood spatter is key to it’s, erm, success. It almost looks as if he/she does it away and then attaches them. I don’t know, the beauty is in the mystery.

Thanks to Claire W. @ ExtraSalt&Sauce for bringing this to my attention.


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