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Can You Handle the Commitment

Can I?
I saw this on Iain Tait‘s blog and though I would go have a wee gander.

Deciding I needed a good kick up the arse to do stuff, I contemplated signing up. Yes, only contemplated. This is how difficult it is for me to commit to something. Why you ask, because I know me very well. I know my shadows. I know how they work. I will give it my all for a few days, then quit, then fail, then make up excuses, but at the same time know that I was just lazy and allowed myself to become distracted.

So 24 hrs later, still procrastinating from doing other things. I signed up. Although, most of the people seem to knit and they seem to already have planned what they’re going to do… Again, I was hoping to be told. To be forced out of my comfort zone.

Does creating ads for my book count, which I should be doing anyhow? Or is that cheating.

This will be character building, that’s for sure. Time to learn how to draw me thinks… So if you see some really bad posts in the month of February, you now know why.

Wish me luck or better yet – Join Me!


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