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Leaving On a Jet Plane….

Unfortunately for my wild side and adventurous nature, I do know when I’ll be back again…

I’m off to visit the family in Texas now. My first traditional Thanksgiving in 4 years. Should be interesting (trust me, with my family, that’s the word to use!).

Long flight ahead of me, but I’ll finally get some time to rest and relax and to drown in my thoughts.

Maybe get some sleep and a good movie too? Is it bad that I don’t mind airline food? Sadly, this will be my second time to Amsterdam in my life -Holland in fact- and pathetically, only the airport both times… a girl can dream.

Maybe, once I’m all rested up, I can start focusing on Advertising again -although note that my ambition and trying for work hasn’t ceased, just my public documentation of my continued intrigued state and continued disappointment in permanent employment.

I have decided this this trip home will act as a ‘specific area’ chosen lobotomy -although I’ll probably need another one after the two weeks with my family- just think of the movie Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… Except you don’t get a letter saying I had you erased from my memory, so if in two weeks I just stop making eye contact or any contact with you, then you were part of it -and advertising and design! This could be you! Especially bad advertising and design! Your really getting on my nerves lately…

Just wait till I’m in the States, I’ll be begging to come back…or will I?

This is what lack of sleep and innordinate amounts of stress and or heavy objects making contact to my head do to me. Must not write in public forums (and I’m sober).

Be well!


A Texan Lassie. Digital Media Geek.

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