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A Crack In the Tate

This 167 Metre crack running through the Tate [Modern, in London,] is the new installation by sculpture artist Doris Salcedo. The crack expands and deepens as it snakes across the room, it is said to symbolise racial hatred and division in society.

The Crack will remain until April 2008, when it will be filled in, non-damaging the structural integrity of the building but leaving a ‘scar’ that will remain forever.

Another amazing piece from Salcedo:

information from anamorphosis


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2 thoughts on “A Crack In the Tate

  1. I love both of these pieces, they are so powerful and really fill you with that feeling of ‘how the hell did they do that?’

  2. That’s exactly the feeling/thought that come over me. Installations aren’t always impressive and can really turn out as (bare with me) just ‘modern art’ and sometimes plain eye sores.

    These two pieces specifically by Salcedo are done extremely well and I could stare at them for hours and try to figure them out!

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