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Realism in Fashion Advertising?

Well, I supposed Dove did it with their Campaign For Real Beauty, however, that wasn’t for a Fashion brand or advertising, they didn’t use people with an eating disorder, and it wasn’t during Milan’s Fashion Week.

Isabelle Caro, 27, who has suffered from anorexia since the age of 13, has joined with Italian clothing company Flash & Partners to publicise a fashion brand for young women called Nolita and the photograph was taken by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani.

Caro states: “I’ve hidden myself and covered myself for too long. Now I want to show myself fearlessly, even though I know my body arouses repugnance. I want to recover because I love life and the riches of the universe. I want to show young people how dangerous this illness is.”

Other brands such at D&G and Armani have criticised the campaign, saying that it is a mental issue, and that “even people who take no notice of fashion get anorexic.

Flash & Partners said in a statement that Toscani’s aim was “to use the naked body to show everyone the reality of this illness, caused in most cases by the stereotypes imposed by the world of fashion”.

I think it will have an effect, it already has. Loads of world wide free publicity and getting people talking. Not allowing models below a certain size and age on the runway means that the models will now have to live healthier lifestyles, than on the verge of, even unintentional, anorexia.

Back in April I posted a commercial regarding eating disorders that made my jaw drop. Its very powerful, one of the most so of public information ads I’ve seen. See it again here [Anorexia Bulimia Contact 4/9/07].

The whole article can be read on the Daily Mail & thanks to A Socialites Life for bringing it to my attention.


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4 thoughts on “Realism in Fashion Advertising?

  1. Howdy! I stumbled across your blog, and that photo was a shocker! Much needed education for the young girls, tho.
    So, how’s living in rainy Scotland compared with sunny Texas??

  2. Quite a shocker. Milan was one of the first (and possibly still one of the only) fashion capitals to put size restrictions on tiny models. I don’t think London or New York have taken that step yet. Wonder if the campaign has helped…

    Scotland is beautiful. I love it here. It is a complete 180 from Texas, I must say. For starters, I no longer get my hot summers and there for, no more tan either! But I do have a huge castle 10 mins from my flat and I can see it out my kitchen window, also cobblestone roads and everyone with an accent. I wake up some days and feel like I live in Mary Poppins. I do miss my home comforts – mainly Taco Bell and Dr.Pepper!

    I’ve got loads of photos you should check out if your interested of the area here @


  3. Hi, thanks I’ll have a look at the photos. I loved Scotland as well, and hope to return again for a visit. My dad’s fam is from the UK, but most everyone has moved abroad, therefore few cousins to visit!

    I think the campaign will help, it just may need some time, and consistent pressure to make the changes. Also, the public needs to say enough, enough of girls/women starving themselves…and literally, to fight nature, because we weren’t made to be ‘clotheshangers’.

    nice chatting with you, I’ll check back! 🙂

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