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Good, Bad, are Nerds & IT taking over Creative Talent?

Let me start of first by saying I love nerds. That was just a headline. In fact, on a good day, I like to consider myself one and even feel it a compliment when I am referred to as one. However, this might be one step too far.

You decide for yourself. As reported on

By Mark Ward

Digital photographers could soon be able to erase unwanted elements in photos by using tools that scan for similar images in online libraries.

Research teams have developed an algorithm that uses sites like Flickr to help discover light sources, camera position and composition in a photo.

Using this data the tools then search for objects, such as landscapes or cars, that match the original.

The teams aim to create image libraries that anyone can use to edit snaps.
James Hays and Alexei Efros from Carnegie Mellon University have developed an algorithm to help people who want to remove bits of photographs.

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Again, thanks to Jim Gaffney @ Union for pointing this out.


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