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I'm Ba-ack… With an Ad of course…

Good god it’s been months! Time flies when you’re heads spinning at 10,000mph. I’m in between terrific opportunities for my career and I’m needing to take a deep breath and have a wee think before I head in and attemt to crack this brief I’m on. Breath in… This is just my chance to show the best agency in the country what I can do. No big deal. Breath out… So, to me, the ads I personally enjoy the most are the ones that make me laugh. However, I’d have to say the two best types, in my opinion are, as previously stated, the ones that make you laugh and then there are the ones that leave you speachless and/or awestruck.

However, right now I’m onto one that has had all three out on the tele and I die every time. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the simplicity and obviousness. The bluntness of the statements. The little changes that make all the difference. For example, naming the Tryanasarous Rex, Tryanasarous “Alan”… This is the third and by far my favourite. The wee comments about “my brain is the size of a pea” and “I’m going to go eat someone’s parent’s”… Classic. Enjoy!

btw, if anyone knows who did theses ads, I’d LOVE to give them credit!



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