I spent hours yesterday (*embarrassed* actually, not really) geotagging over a thousand of my pictures on Flickr. What a cool concept. The entire experience I found fun, therapeutic and rewarding.

SO BEHIND on uploading pictures. In fact I am still uploading some from Christmas. Going through 400+ and trying to only pic out descent ones, instead of putting up all the crappy ones as well.

My brain has been going ten thousand miles an hour of late. Especially since I am doing a work placement at an uber great advertising agency and I’m trying to kick ass. My brain is wrinkling faster than I can keep up. I need to get ideas down, thoughts out and vent it all about.

Two randoms to leave you with: If you haven’t tried a Chianti wine, do, you’ll enjoy it, even if you’re a white wine drinker. It’s not heavy like most reds. Quite nice. Secondly, Dogs at the workplace are a definite plus.

p.s. go geo-tagging!