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An Art Director

» Job description

Advertising art directors work on the visual side of advertising, usually in partnership with a copywriter. They come up with original ideas in response to a brief from the client. The art director is involved in all stages of the project, from initial concepts, to the completion of a finished product.

Advertising art directors are also responsible for engaging other members of the creative team, such as illustrators, photographers, designers, etc.

Advertising projects can vary and campaigns may involve working with the following media:

  • television and radio;
  • internet;
  • direct mail;
  • posters;
  • training videos;
  • multimedia CDs.

» Typical work activities

The role of an advertising art director will vary according to the agency they are employed by and the client brief. Typical work activities may include:

  • generating creative ideas and concepts to fulfil the advertising needs of the client;
  • working closely with the copywriter to form a productive creative partnership;
  • conducting creative research on projects;
  • producing sketches or ‘storyboards’ (television) or ‘roughs’ or ‘scamps’ (print) to communicate ideas to the client;
  • briefing other members of the creative team;
  • commissioning photographers, artists or film-makers to work on projects;
  • ensuring deadlines are met and working effectively under pressure;
  • gaining an understanding of the target audience and business that the advert is aimed at;
  • adopting a flexible approach to working hours – long hours are often required to meet the needs of the clients;
  • working on location and attending shoots;
  • visiting and assessing different locations for potential shoots;
  • attending meetings at production houses and with other directors;
  • working in editing suites to oversee the finished product.

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