Too Many Options: The Social Platform Feature War

Today it was announced that Instagram (owned by Facebook) is going to be adding video soon. While duplicating features across each of these platforms is nothing new, as a fairly active social user, it’s incredibly frustrating to decide which apps to use which features on which platforms and the part that most non digital professionals wouldn’t even(…)

Know an online addict?

Unplug Your friends is a campaign created by the people at (whom I forgot existed actually, because it didn’t really work for me, but maybe will give it another go) to help people intervene in their mates lives if they feel they’ve become a bit too social network dependent. A little something to remind(…)

PS3 vs the Wii & the new Wii Fit!

PS3 vs the Wii & the new Wii Fit!

They did go there, didn’t they. That was/is almost painful to watch. However, it’s more entertaining than 3 minutes of people playing on the Wii Fit. Especially since I can’t have one for two more weeks. However, the new Wii Fit looks pretty damn cool. I must say I was shocked to find that very(…)

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