Too Many Options: The Social Platform Feature War

Today it was announced that Instagram (owned by Facebook) is going to be adding video soon. While duplicating features across each of these platforms is nothing new, as a fairly active social user, it’s incredibly frustrating to decide which apps to use which features on which platforms and the part that most non digital professionals wouldn’t even(…)

Topshop social trumps for London Fashion Week #lfw

It’s simple and makes sense: bring users what they want and do it in one space. They’ve pulled a number of different element together: Shop for the clothes, buy the songs off iTunes, take quick pics of your favourite outfits and participate while tweeting, commenting, sharing – all through one dashboard. The only thing they(…)

Elegant Tweed gifts land in Edinburgh

First appearing on the scene a couple years ago as a prize for the #EdCM social media quiz of the year, and as an exclusive bijou iPhone case for Jon Mountjoy, Jock and Morag accessories are now available for everyone. Creator, designer & close friend of mine, Juliet Wilson (also known as Little Dishy) has just launched(…)

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