Sleep less, eat more: Is there healthy living for workaholics?

There is a way to get more hours into a day – sleep less! One of the brilliant things about being slightly over-busy is that your body, through not working at 100%, often keeps you from getting the rest it so much craves. After some conversations following the original post, I feel the need to clarify I’m(…)

Fitness review: Jan – April 2012 workout update

Keeping with my new tradition, here are my workout stats from January through April, 2012 and while I don’t find using notes on my iPhone the most ideal template, it’s been invaluable for my sessions – being able to keep track of my reps & weight has come in handy on more than one occasion. This also helps(…)

#Metal2Medal update: June/July 2011

Training is still going for the Belron Triathlon on the 30th of July (the day AFTER the summer party – which is going to be tough!), to raise money for the amazing charity Afrika Tikkun (which I’ll be blogging about soon). This is also a chance for me to force myself to get back into(…)

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