As we all become more and more digitally savvy by nature, we all become more obsessed with the amazing photographs we can take of our food and coffee. I for one am more partial to the latter and as I began acquiring a few of these pics, I decided they needed to be kept together AND that I wanted to see others as well!

So firstly, I used Blurb to create an Instagram coffee table book of coffee pics – so meta. But that wasn’t enough for me. I have had a Tumblr blog for a while, but it was really only being used to duplicate content from Instagram and other places and didn’t really have a use – not to mention, seemed as if it was competing against this blog, which I’ve spent far more time in, so as simple as that, I changed the name, changed the url, deleted irrelevant pics and opened it up to submissions from others.

Ladies & gents, please let me introduce you to my pet project (and very much a learning experience and work in progress) Java Junk.¬†Java junk is a place to share all of your yummy coffee and interesting mug¬†pictures. I am trying to keep it mostly brand free (90% of coffee pictures seem to be Starbucks!) and focus on the art of the shot. You can follow the Twitter account @Java_Junk and please, please don’t hesitate to submit your own!