Three weeks. It’s been three weeks since I’ve had internet at my abode and being a “work-at-homer” this is a problem. Am I going crazy? Yes. Was it nice at first? Not really. If I was on holiday somewhere warm, maybe, but this is normal day-to-day life. Things need to be read/watched/typed/sent/received whathaveyou.

“What about the iPhone you’re always going on about D? Thought it was God in hand held form?” Well taunt all you want, but it has helped quite a bit, seeing as I have NO HOME PHONE (or TELE!) due to this process eitherĀ  and I’m trying to set up a new flat. At least I can receive emails and do basic online tasks, that before, were just sprinkles on the icing on the cake. They’ve now become the egg in the batter. A must have.

Virgin Media are on my list and a letter will be written. Will it have pretty pictures of indistinguishable food, probably not, but it will be descriptive none the less.