Backyard, Home, Texas
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As in I can’t help but follow my dreams… I’m a dreamer, always been my downfall and almost gotten me in a few car wrecks as well.

I am in my last week at my current j.o.b. Ironically (not really), I’m not being paid for this week – due to the fact that I went home to see my family and took most of the alloted holiday’s the company offers (they require you to keep 3 for xmas time b/c they close, so you have no choice, nice, eh?!). So here I am, working off my trip home. Good times. The thinkg is I am a hard worker and I have no problem giving what I owe.

However, I am desperately looking forward to next week, when my dream chasing begins again – even though I never stopped running in the hampster wheel, I tried juggling at the same time and it’s been exhausting. I’ll have more time to focus on just the wheel now.

Hopefully in another week or so I’ll have a nice ‘lil pdf to put here for people to see, a mailer I’ve been working on that kinda of sells, well, me. As a Creative thinker & writer for the Digital and Advertising industries. It’s comging along nicely, but needs to get finished. I’m excited about it and just hope something – or lots of things – comes out of it.

In the most recent copy of Campaign, they had a good dps on women in advertising. It made me feel more confident about my goals and made me realise I don’t give myself enough credit for sticking with the whole “trying to get into it” for so long. I don’t think I’ve decided which is worse: being branded a failure or a quitter; and I’m not ready to find out.