I’ve spent almost all day designing my new site – and it’s only one page! It’s really just an intro that is going to link to this blog. Good god, I’m amazed it’s taken me so long and there are still a few glitches, but hey, it’s cool. The html is quite sloppy and could be cleaned up as well, but just don’t look and we won’t have to worry about it.

Insanely, and I know fonts with sites work depending on the persons computer, browser etc, but it is COMPLETELY different in safari and in firefox. One example is that it’s in all caps in firefox. This is extra strange to me b/c none of the fonts I chose were all cap fonts… hrm.. all well, I kinda like the two different versions. You never know which one you’re gonna get – kinda like yours truly!

The inspiration came after I meet some great people for their weekly coffee morning and became all jazzed up about being around other adults that talk back, rather than just my cat, who could care less about the internet, other than he wishes my mac would quit taking his place on my lap.