I do miss it – mainly the meeting up, bbq-ing, having some beers with friends and knowing what’s going on. Although since moving here I have become quite the fan of Football (v. “American Football”) and Rugby, you will always miss what you’re raised with. Tried to have the Sky Sports package for a while, but then it’s no fun when you have to stay up really late to watch and then have no one to banter with about it.

But still. Go Cowboys! Better luck next year!

The Super Bowl, the championship game of America’s National Football League (NFL), is the world’s richest single sporting event. Nearly half of America will watch it on television on Sunday 3 February.

It’s the most costly advertising platform in the world: each 30-second commercial will sell for $3m. There is no other day in the American calendar which unites so much of the country.

It hasn’t always been so. Today the NFL may fairly claim to be “America’s game” – even though baseball has always been referred to fondly as “America’s pastime”.

But not so long ago, pro football was not even gridiron’s glamour game – that honour belonged to the college version of the sport.

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