According the and The Associated Press, a larger U.S. Satellite has lost power and therefore control from land and is headed towards Earth. It will reach earth in late February or March, but where, is unknown at this time.

Great. I feel really safe right now. But at the same time, not really bothered. Is that how apathetic we as humans have become or is it just me. Maybe it’s too many movies like Armageddon and such that I feel that it will be taken care of by the bad asses in Houston (props to my hometown) and we won’t have to worry. That is why they get paid the big bucks.

Or maybe the President and/or Global Powers that be will just get together and decide “well, it’s only (insert country or state ect. here), we’ll just convince everyone it was part of the the search for the missing WMA’s and we’ll have their support.”


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