You’re sitting in the bar of a nice hotel, enjoying some drinks with some friends from out of town.

Some random patron, a female comes over from the bar, comes ands asks to join the four of you, leaving her fella at the bar. You finding this a bit odd, and rude, tell her to at least invite her man as well. Noticing they are quite dressed up and on their second bottle of Bollinger, you find out they are on a date as they have two kiddies, one just a new baby.

You chat about this and that. The boy from London, the girl from Glasgow (where the hotel you are happens to be). You chat to the boy about football, then about their “long distance relationship” – what do they know, you did Scotland to the states – then you find out the girl is racist and proud of it.

“Proud of it?” you ask. And she confirms…

You don’t really remember much more because not much farther into the conversation of her sticking up for hating other races and being justified in doing so, she hits you over the head, twice, with an empty champagne bottle. You come to on the floor wondering what’s going on, in a pool of blood, and see her standing on the outside of a crowd of people.

The really screwed up thing is, she turned to my friends visiting from the states, smiled, said “Enjoy Scotland” and went to her room.

Two things: At least I was standing up for something I strongly believe in – so I’m told and secondly, it was all caught on CCTV and she was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.At least it was the classy champagne…