Just to comment on two things:

1. I’m still learning things about my mac that mac life easier and me a happier bunny (no pun intended), little quirks that I’ve seen people do, but haven’t had the time or guts to admit I didn’t knwo how to do that myself. Well I’ve learned how now, so yay! And no, out of my embarassments sake, I’m not going to say what they are.

2. There’s only been a few, but if you’ve left a comment and I’ve blanked it, I really apologise, but I didn’t know until today that any had been left – at all – b/c they weren’t coming to my e-mail!

Okay, back to my long weekend…of working!

p.s. Anyone know a site that tells you if a song you are interested in using for an Ad or inhouse promo DVD etc, has been used. i.e. where, when, how many times etc? A IMDB for songs?