Where to begin… There are so many things I’ve been wanting to put down to share with the world that, well, others have put down to share with the world.

I’m going to begin with this website I was led to by a blog I read called Quipsologies where people link you to other bad ass places on the web. As being and avid design enthusiast, I very much enjoy the intros into a film as much as or sometimes more than the film itself. Not having done a lot in the editing field, but would have liked to, I sit there in awe and wonder “how’d they do that?!” “that’s amazing” or am completely dumbstruck and silent. We are all overly familiar with the intro the the 007 films and wish that we had a project and/or job that looked half as much fun – although they were probably glad when it was over.

Here is a grat example of the credits of Nanny McPhee Enjoy!